Mastering Efficiency: Unlocking the Secrets of Web Services

SOAP: A messaging mechanism called SOAP (Simple Object Access mechanism) enables software applications running on various operating systems to communicate with one another over the Internet. Web services are defined and their methods of access are described using the XML-based language known as WSDL (Web Services Description Language). It resembles an API specification for online … Read more

Pioneering Advanced Online Shopping Platform with Laravel and React

Introduction: The focus of this project is to construct a comprehensive online e-commerce platform utilizing the advanced functionalities of Laravel, React.js, and a variety of other packages. The objective of this project is to provide an exploration of Laravel’s advanced features and to demonstrate how to construct an efficient and user-friendly interface using React.js. Requirements: … Read more

The Future is Now: Cloud Computing and Serverless Reign in Web Development


I. Introduction Cloud computing refers to the delivery of computing resources, such as storage, processing power, and applications, over the internet. Serverless architecture is an emerging trend in cloud computing that allows developers to build and deploy applications without managing the underlying infrastructure. This blog post will explore the concepts of cloud computing and serverless … Read more

Dependency Injection in ASP.NET Core: Best Practices

Dependency Injection

Dependency injection is an essential aspect of building robust and maintainable applications in ASP.NET Core. It helps to separate concerns, decouple components, and make code more testable, which in turn results in better overall application quality. In this discussion, we are going to look at how to use dependency injection in ASP.NET Core to resolve … Read more

Beyond the Tutorials: A Realistic Look at Coding in the Real World – Part 5


Programming tutorials shows us a land of promise where everything happens as you think; as soon as you think. But real world doesn’t work that way most of the times. Here; you spend hours debugging some CORS error or thinking why your database table Id column is not auto-incrementing. For the last 2 days; I am participating … Read more