A Simple Guide To ASP.NET routing – let’s redirect!


Redirect relates to the routing In ASP.NET. There are two different ways to routing; or changing the current requests endpoint:Rewrite the current URL andRedirect to an external URL.These two tasks are similar but yet different in their execution. Routing in ASP.Net Routing in ASP.NET works by mapping incoming URL requests to specific controller actions. When … Read more

Rest and Spread – Things you can do with just 3 dots in Modern JavaScript!

three dots

In JavaScript, the rest operator (also called the spread operator) allows us to represent an indefinite number of elements as an array. It’s a helpful tool that can make our code more concise and easier to read.Here’s an example of how the rest operator works: In this example, the function addNumbers takes an indefinite number … Read more

JavaScript Generators Magic and Their Use Case: Everything Yield Need To Know


JavaScript generators is an amazing and brilliant concept; yet it’s very confusing when to use them. They let us write infinite loops that terminate. The yield values from functions before they finish and build lazy data structures. The magic lies in the ability of generators functions to be paused and then resumed again. But before … Read more