In-Memory OLTP SQL Server Secrets: Do You Really Need It?

sql server filegroup

When SQL Server 2014 was launched in April 2014, it brought with it a much talked about bonus. Alongside the standard relational engine and its traditional disk-based tables, SQL Server 2014 includes In-Memory OLTP, a high performance, memory-optimized engine that allows users to create data in memory-optimized tables that reside permanently in-memory. This is not … Read more

Discover SQL Server Filegroup Separation Secrets: What and Why?

sql server filegroup

The default settings in SQL Server are not always the best. Such is the case when we are working with new user databases; usually we get a single data (*.mdf) and transaction log (*.ldf) file. The data file resides within the PRIMARY file group; the only one we have so far, and it will store … Read more

5 SQL Server Isolation Level: The Usual Suspect Cheat sheet

sql server isolation level

SQL Server isolation levels are used to define the degree to which one transaction must be isolated from resource or data modifications made by other concurrent transactions. The different Isolation Levels are: Read Uncommitted (or nolock) Read Committed Repeatable Read Serializable Snapshot Read Committed is the default isolation level. The write behaviour of all transaction … Read more