In-Memory OLTP SQL Server Secrets: Do You Really Need It?

sql server filegroup

SQL Server In-Memory OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) is a feature that allows for faster performance of certain types of workloads in SQL Server by storing data and indexes in memory rather than on disk. This can significantly improve the speed of transactions, especially for high-concurrency workloads that involve a lot of insert, update, and delete … Read more

Discover SQL Server Filegroup Separation Hidden Secrets: What and Why?

sql server filegroup

A SQL Server filegroup is a container for database files. It lets the administrator organize and allocate them to different drives. Filegroups can store tables, indexes, and different types of data. They can be used to manage database growth and improve performance by placing frequently accessed files on faster drives. Filegroups offer flexible and powerful … Read more

The Usual Suspect: 5 SQL Server Isolation Level You Need to Know Immediately

sql server isolation level

SQL Server isolation levels are used to define the degree to which one transaction must be isolated from resource or data modifications made by other concurrent transactions. The different Isolation Levels are: Read Committed is the default isolation level. The write behaviour of all transaction isolation levels is the same. However, they are very different … Read more