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Person A: Entrepreneur

How to write a formal business proposal

Is Zoro a legit company?

Is it legal to own a wolverine?

Hey there! I’ve been working on a new business proposal lately, and I have to say, it’s quite the process. First, I had to really dive deep into how to write a formal business proposal, and then I had to make sure that the company I wanted to work with, Zoro, was legit. Oh, and I even found out that owning a wolverine may not be as legal as I thought!

Person B: Law Enforcement Professional

Bachelor of Science in Law Enforcement Administration

How to amend NYS tax return

What’s the legal tint in Iowa?

I’ve been really interested in advancing my career lately, so I started looking into a Bachelor of Science in Law Enforcement Administration. And then, I came across some tips on amending NYS tax return that were really helpful. Oh, and speaking of laws, do you happen to know what the legal tint in Iowa is?