Outsourcing vs Outstaffing Models: What is the Difference and Their Pros & Cons

The arrangement allowed ProCoders staffers to augment the Dryft staff for as long as they were needed. On the one hand, you fully control the project’s development, know literally everything what is happening there, and can interfere and improve it at any stage of the development progress. Outstaffing is suitable for clients with a strong in-house team and a developed project who are looking for a niche expert to extend the project.

software outsourcing and outstaffing

While it is nice to have full control over workers, this power comes with responsibility. Agreeing to hire outside staff also means that you will be responsible for overseeing the speed, quality, and implementation of completed work. Security of company data and client’s sensitive information is of the utmost importance. One ‘small’ mishap and a company may suffer insurmountable losses and face litigation. Loss of client trust is also another detrimental effect of data leakage. The level of control clients have on a particular project significantly affects their overall project satisfaction.

What’s behind Outsourcing?

In general, outsourcing is when you have an idea, but there is no way to implement it on your own. You don’t want to bother and establish a whole IT department, instead, you just want to come to another company with your idea and get an application or website ready, paying a certain amount for it. The same level of control can also extend to the code base of your project.

software outsourcing and outstaffing

It’s also suitable for businesses without an in-house
development team. The main differences between software outsourcing and outstaffing are the scope of the project and the side responsible for the management of development activities. Hiring benefits your company since you can hand-pick quality developers. On the other hand, if you lack a technical background or don’t have a CTO who can help you out, then choosing the right developer may be an issue.

Cons of Outsourcing

You’ve learned about the basic cooperation models for software
development. Another factor to consider before beginning a collaboration is
selecting a dependable service provider. Outsourcing and outstaffing are broad terms describing cooperation models in
software development. In addition to deciding on how to set up your workflow,
you should also select how to calculate your budget. It is the best model of cooperation with IT companies for organizations that
need specific software but don’t have the expertise to build it

Outsourcing and outstaffing are well-known terms among IT recruiters and professionals in the world of tech. During the pandemic, both of these industries are experiencing unprecedented growth. In case you hire Syndicode to help you with outstaffing – we cover all the risks. Personnel provided by Syndicode is always highly skilled and responsible – this is our task to leave you with no reasons to worry about.

Outsourcing Example:

It also involves having the expertise and the proper infrastructure – things that many companies cannot afford. Initiating a development project with limitations on either of the two is a recipe for disaster. While these concepts are widespread, they can sometimes be confusing. If you want to explore these models in more detail or select the one that suits your company, read our article. We will reveal the aspects of these concepts and also tell you how to apply them in practice without any risk. Sales costs, office space, recruiting and bench-time contribute to overhead.

  • Be sure to include required security measures when hiring an outstaffing company.
  • We are an excellent option for companies looking to acquire proficient tech specialists on a reasonable budget.
  • As you’re hiring a team, not just a single specialist, you have access to the experience and expertise of the company’s professionals.
  • If your goal is to build a product without personal involvement – outsourcing is a more reasonable step.
  • More often, we can meet IT outsourcing, that is, outsourcing of information technologies and software product maintenance.
  • Personnel provided by Syndicode is always highly skilled and responsible – this is our task to leave you with no reasons to worry about.

Fortunately, two new recruitment strategies have recently become useful in the tech industry. These business models have grown in popularity among startups and large companies alike. In this entry, we’ll delve deeper into the key similarity and differences between outsourcing vs. outstaffing.

On-time delivery of the project

This article will tell about the development of a course scheduling application which would incorporate some new ideas. Join technology and business leaders in subscribing to Forte Group’s technology newsletter. Steve is a writer and editor who works with Forte Group’s practice leads to share our insights on best practices, tips, and trends in software design and development.

software outsourcing and outstaffing

Do you want access to this worker as a manager, working with them and controlling their workflow daily as if they were a member of your ongoing IT staff? In a “cost” outstaffing model, the client pays one flat fee to an IT services company to get a part- or full-time C# Web Development member for their company’s outstaff team. With that fee, the informational technology services company pays the team member’s salary, benefits, bonuses, equipment expenses, etc. However, hiring an outsourcing company also saves time on setting up the process.

What are the main advantages of outstaffing compared to hiring in-house?

Other than that, you’re more than welcome to check all the outsourcing software development pros and cons. Outsourcing and Outstaffing IT models have evolved to serve companies from all over the world. Recognizing the differences between outsourcing and outstaffing models can help you reveal the best approach for your projects. Many companies choose the remote software development teams due to their price of service and the quality of end product delivery.

software outsourcing and outstaffing

Nearshore software development is a pivotal aspect of modern business strategies, with approximately 76% of companies opting to outsource their IT services to third-party providers…. The outsourcing agency assigns a dedicated project manager that acts as an intermediary between the client and the developer. The client pays a fixed price per project as initially agreed and doesn’t have to worry about any hardware, environment setup, team composition, etc. Now when you know the difference, let’s talk how to apply this difference to your business. Whether you need an IT outsourcing agency or it’s better to go with an outstaffing company fully depends on your needs.

Which Type of Projects does Outsourcing Work Best for?

The only difference is that you need to search for the IT outstaffing company worldwide. And see whether the person on a job site works according to the outstaffing model. Outstaffing requires remote work, flexible working hours according to the time zone, and more. Surely, the outstaffing companies are responsible for insurance, taxation, and official employment but they carry less responsibility for personnel management and quality of the rendered services. Whereas, outsourcing companies cover the entire scope of issues and services providing high-quality and skilled employees.

Cost Benefits

Outsourcing helpscompanies that don’t havemoney, time or reason to assemble their own in-house team of developers. Such services are good for both short-term or prolonged cooperation yielding a quality product. Outstaffing means expanding the company’s own development team with the service provider’s staff. Remote employees sign a long-term contract, providing professional help in a certain field.

Instead, they are a remote, highly skilled team of developers and other professionals hired by the outsourcing company to complete the client’s project. Often, this team may work on several projects for different clients simultaneously. You have two options to choose from if you are looking to hire remote professionals. Both outsourcing and outstaffing can help grow your business and achieve particular benchmarks. With both business models, you will need to dedicate time with your specialists to avoid confusion and unresolved questions.

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