Advanced JS: Prototypal inheritance, WebSockets and WebRTC

advanced JS

Advanced JavaScript techniques and concepts like Prototypal inheritence, websockets and WebRTC can be used to create more complex and powerful web applications. Prototypal inheritance is a way of creating objects in JavaScript that is based on prototyping, rather than classes. WebSockets are a web technology that provides full-duplex communication channels over a single TCP connection. … Read more

.NET Common Interview Questions with Answers

.net interview questions

.NET interview questions can cover a wide range of topics, and it is important for a candidate to have a solid understanding of the .NET platform and its capabilities in order to be successful in a .NET interview. .NET is a popular platform for building applications on the Windows operating system. As such, there are … Read more

MongoDB for Absolute Beginners


MongoDB is a popular, open-source NoSQL database that is famous for its scalability and flexibility. It is designed to store large amounts of data in a flexible, JSON-like format called BSON (Binary JSON). Many organizations uses MongoDB because it allows them to easily store, retrieve, and manage large amounts of data in a way that … Read more